TPI is committed to helping our local Hemp Farmers yield the highest quality crop possible. With changes in Federal and State regulations, growing hemp in Central Oregon has become very popular in recent years. TPIs expertise in integrating a proper and customized system will ensure your plants receive the water they need when they need it. Water distribution is everything when it comes to the growth and health of your crop.

A hemp operation is not as simple and easy as it may seem, all components need to work together. From pump to filter to drip tubes, your irrigation system will be designed specifically for your needs. The ideal watering practices for each grow will depend on budget, size of property, and water source. 

TPI understands drip irrigation systems. Drip Irrigation is the most efficient way to deliver water to your hemp crops. Drip is a low maintenance system that consists of a series of small tubes and emitters (droppers) that connect your water reservoir to each plant. The amount of water that is administered is then controlled by a timer. Preserving water is vitally important for growers in Central Oregon.


By applying TPIs’ expertise you are ensuring a controlled outdoor environment that will give you appropriate regulation and power over your water!

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